Glen Urquhart's 2010 Run for Congress

This was the official site for Glen Urquhart's 2010 Run for Congress​. The content below is from its archived pages.

Glen Urquhart's Principles

  • Leading Delaware to Jobs and growth.
  • Making America, America again!
  • A Reagan Appointee and Businessman, Glen knows Less Government = MORE JOBS.
  • As a father & Grandfather, he won't accept an indebted, diminished future for our kids.

ObamaCare saddles us with 16,000 new IRS agents and raises our taxes and healthcare costs. Taxes and regulations for Obama's 140 new agencies will shut down businesses and cost us Jobs. While bailing out billionaires, Obama destroys Jobs, enslaves our kids to Chinese Debt, and leaves us afraid for America's future.

Urquhart created jobs and opportunities for prosperity without relying on debt. For example, using only funds available from cash flow, he demonstrated the ability to gradually ramp up sales for a wholesaler of national brand cleaning supplies when others were recommending the sale of stock. Glen will show Washington there's "life after debt." If we stop the Lobbyists and Lawyers stifling America with laws and complex rules, we can prosper again. By cutting taxes, regulations and spending, we'll create American jobs the way Reagan and Kennedy did. Our children don't have to be the first generation whose living standard drops.

Urquhart's PRINCIPLES guide the way --

God gives "inalienable rights." "In God We Trust," not in big government. This isn't religion, it's reality. Our Founders knew nations collapsed by creating entitled "rights." Entitlements create more takers than producers, cause unsustainable debts, and drive away Jobs.

Restore Liberty from Big Government shackling our economy with Taxes and Regulations, to release innovators and investors to create JOBS

America is good. We should not apologize or bow to foreign despots.

Constitutional respect by Congress, is fundamental to freedom and prosperity. Unconstitutional deals for unions destroyed the auto and other industries. The rule of law is essential to innovation, investment and Jobs creation.

Enterprises freed from taxes and regulations create Jobs.

Following Urquhart's PRINCIPLES, money will flow, creating new businesses and Jobs. New technologies will expand our economy creating millions of Jobs, the way the TeleCom Revolution did when he served Reagan, who broke up the "Ma-Bell" monopoly.

Glen Urquhart lives in Rehoboth Beach with his wife of 32 years. They have 5 children and 13 grandchildren. President Reagan appointed him Chairman of the National Capital Planning Commission. Glen has a B.S. in Finance from the University of Virginia and is a former instrument rated pilot.


The Issues


Creating JOBS and Economic Growth.

Overspending increases Debts and/or Taxes and destroys jobs and America’s ability to compete and win. Cutting taxes and reducing the size of government is the answer to restoring investors’, innovators’ and employers’ trust in America. They’ll put the hundreds of billions of dollars, currently frozen by fear, back to work in our economy. Jobs will be created and GDP will grow. History is on our side. Calvin Coolidge, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan all prove that reducing taxes grows the economy.

Fiscal Responsibility at all Levels.

No more bailouts. End tax-and-spend policies that weaken the dollar and mortgage America’s future.

FREE Enterprise

We must free it from rising taxes and over-the-top regulation that keeps the entrepreneurs and small business owners, who form the backbone of our economy, from creating jobs.

Competition is the Solution

Competition is the solution to strengthening our economy, our educational system and our future as a world market leader in innovation. The role of the federal government should be limited to removing barriers to free trade and eliminating industrial and government-sponsored monopolies.

Repealing ObamaCare

Any law that must be implemented by 16,000 new IRS agents is just plain scary. My first priority in Congress would be to repeal the law and replace it with free-market approaches that re-establish the healthcare transaction directly between patient and doctor, encourages interstate insurance competition and ends oligarchies, gives tax incentives to individuals instead of institutions, use competition to cut Medicare waste and costs, and revisit how we help those who truly cannot afford care.

Ending Illegal Immigration

We must stop the abuse of public education, welfare systems and our national integrity by securing our borders. Amnesty has not worked. We must stop the wholesale shipment of illegal immigrants’ earnings out of the country by Western Union et al and enforce existing laws that will remove the incentive to come illegally. At the same time, we must far more efficiently screen, qualify, and welcome those who prize liberty, learn and support our Constitutional values, want to work and contribute, learn English and apply legally. Qualified patriotic groups might help as sponsors.

Stopping Cap and Trade

It caps our opportunities and trades away our jobs. We must stop this bad policy which is fundamentally wealth and redistribution to the richest corporations. California's similar law has failed.

The Citizens’ Rights to Keep and Bear Arms

The citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms without infringement.  Our Founders intended the Second Amendment to preserve and protect the personal liberty of law-abiding citizens.

The Right to Life

The Declaration of Independence -- our Founding Document -- defines our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This is part of what makes America great. “Life” is listed as the first right of all Americans. It must be respected.

Energy and the Environment

We must protect our environment and open space, but we've gone overboard. Bureaucratic regulators write far more "law" than Congress! Regulatory agencies should only enforce laws made by elected lawmakers, who actually answer to the people.

A Policy of National Defense

The federal government should make protecting American lives its top priority, such as by completing the space-based portion of the Missile Shield Triad. This would cost less than those 16,000 new IRS agents, and is vital given North Korea’s existing nuclear and ICBM forces, and the projection that Iran could have ICBM’s in five years. We must consider the less-than-friendly countries we are in debt to, and our declining ability to fund our national defense because of escalating interest costs. Cuts must be made in all spending to secure our nation, especially in areas not clearly authorized by the Constitution.